danielclutierDanièle Clutier
Marketing & consumer behaviour
International projects and research

After achieving an MBA from INSEAD Danièle Clutier started a career as market intelligence at Rothmans International, then marketing director in several divisions of Chargeurs Textiles, from the fast-moving consumer goods Spontex to the technical textiles group of companies led by Lainière de Picardie.

She then went on to set up and run IFM’s Market Research and Consulting Department. Her range of expertise covers consumer behaviour, strategic marketing and competitiveness policies. She is currently a lecturer in charge of fashion marketing at IFM and in various other high-end education centres, bringing the message to both students and professionals that design, marketing and manufacturing sciences and capabilities must work in synergy to ensure a prosperous future to the EU creative industries.

She is also General Secretary of the R3ilab (Réseau d’Innovation Immatérielle pour l’Industrie) and has coordinated two specific programmes : Manu Maestria (with craftsmen and small manufacturers active in the creative industries) and VATex (with furniture makers and technical textiles mills).
She regularly carries out strategic projects for businesses and public institutions. In particular Danièle has carried out many assignments on behalf of the European Commission, in diverse areas but always in connection with the final objective of enhancing European industry competitiveness and helping EU manufacturers become an inescapable asset for brands and retailers. Over the years the assignments have reached different aims : to identify and disseminate best practices in social dialogue within companies; best practices in education (fashion design; technical textiles; apparel manufacturing); to build a network of textile employment observatories in Europe; to measure and prevent counterfeiting practices…

On behalf of the French Ministry of Industry and other public bodies, her missions have also been quite diverse : how to improve the relationships between brands and local CMT manufacturers ; how to promote sustainable consumption of textiles; how to understand and develop linen markets worldwide.

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