projectCTechnology-oriented projects

In a Technology-oriented project the Lead Partner will complete the application form. The Lead Partner nominates the Partner(s) that they will collaborate with to create the new product or prototype. In most cases the Partner(s) will be a digital and/or technology company and may also involve a Designer.

In some cases a Technology company may wish to act as Lead Partner. In these cases, the Partner(s) will be another Enterprise and/or Designer. These partners make up the Partnership.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

IPR issues are a key area for EU creative industry. Far too few designers and manufacturers pay real attention to these aspects and one objective of WORTH is to promote a good practice of IP protection. Participants will be required to sign up to partnership agreements so that IPR are protected. In Technology-oriented projects no particular IP agreements will be made unless specific circumstances make it advisable.

Financial arrangements

Successful Partnerships will be awarded up to €10,000. In Technology-orientated projects this can pay for technological implementation and/or design costs.

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Designer-led Projects

We support and coach designers and retailers seeking creative collaborations and opportunities to develop innovative products using new materials, partnerships and processes.

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Manufacturer-led Projects

Through the WORTH network of creative industries, manufacturers can gain access to work with a designer or design-led business allowing the manufacturer to introduce new products or develop existing ranges, expanding to new customers.

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Technology-oriented Projects

WORTH works with organisations seeking to develop or prototype new techniques to improve design concept, flexibility, reactivity, visibility and production management.

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