Patricia-RomatetPatricia Romatet
Partnership coach

Patricia Romatet was awarded a Masters degree in Communications by Celsa, and started as consultant designer with Dominique Peclers, the leading trend and style consulting agency, in charge of textile, ready-to-wear and distribution. She went on to become Marketing Director with Rousseau, brand manager at Christian Dior, Pierre Cardin, Pierre Clarence and Harryland, and then joined Cyrillus as Product Director in charge of collections, purchases and the catalogue. Through these experiences of more than 20 years in the fashion industry she managed the designer teams, most of the time free lance designers and the merchandise teams. Her area of expertise is marketing, product and design management.

She is currently a lecturer in charge of product development and merchandising . She gives seminars on brand identity and collection building for IFM Executive Education department.

She is a Director in IFM Research and Consulting, and works as such with companies to build their ranges and stimulate their creativity. She also currently carries out marketing studies on brand equity.

Since 4 years she has been in charge of a new IFM programme “ IFM entrepreneurs” whose purpose is to help young designers develop their business. The programme starts with the selection each year of 6 talents and then helps them develop their activity on the financial level, define their creative projet, build their collections and their price policy, and develop distribution and communication.

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