Dominique JacometDominique Jacomet

Dominique Jacomet is Director General and Dean of the Institut Français de la Mode. Graduated of Sciences-Po Paris and Paris University in Economics and Management, he has a PhD (University of Paris) in Business economics. Before joining IFM in 2007, he held different positions in the clothing industry : Chairman of Lacoste US, Executive Board Director of Devanlay/Lacoste. He was Member of various boards : Lacoste SA, Mendes (Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche). Dominique Jacomet is the honorary Chairman of the European Textile and Clothing Association (Euratex). He teaches at Sciences-Po and, as an affiliated professor, at ESCP Europe in Paris. His latest book, in collaboration, is “Economie du luxe” (The luxury economy) (published by Dunod in Paris, 2014)

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